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Meet Julie

Behind the Lens

Hopelessly sentimental.
Lover of late night snacks.
Here to create your first photographs as a family.

Hey there

Louisville KY family photographer

I'm Julie

So who is this Julie, you ask? With a camera in my hand, I'm a professional at pausing time and helping you remember the newness, the littleness, and the simple joy of savoring your baby's first few days of life.

Families would say they come to me for natural, less posed (yet directed) images snuggling their baby in their arms rather than heavily posed images with baby all alone in prop a, b, or c.  I'll take relaxed, fresh, squishy baby details over trendy props and stiff smiles any day of the week.

Since word of mouth referrals make up more than half of the families I meet, you can trust that you're in good hands.

My business’ heartbeat isn’t pressing camera buttons, but it is taking care of families. 

From your very first message to creating the perfect touches for your home, my promise will always be to give you the best portraits of the people you love most.

I would love nothing more than knowing you were able to walk through your home, and see your greatest treasures smiling back at you. 


Adventuring with the people I love

Planning vacations around favorite food spots is totally normal, right?! The last few years our favorite place is anywhere close to Boshamps (Google them!). It's the food dreams are made of. And the view, well it's food for my heart. I love the soft tones and the peacefulness of the white sandy beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast.


guilty pleasures

Bring on all the salty, crunchy snacks and soul food.
Beating our boys in ping pong.
Ted Lasso.
My tiny secret, I don't like coffee. (Shh! I heard you gasp - ha!)



Spring & Summer

Every May, my soul thaws out from the dreary dark at 4:30pm that winter bestows upon us. It's spring time baby, and I love it!  You'll find this girl knee-deep in dirt planting flowers around my house and letting the sun dot my nose with freckly goodness.


LUCY Brock

10 lbs of furry genious.
Thinks she's a hooman,
Secretly has us well trained at meeting all of her doggy demands. 


MY humans

Family is everything to me. 29 years ago, my mom issued me a $5 dare to ask the local grocery store stock boy out on a date. I'd say that was the best $5 she's ever spent. We married a few years later, & have two boys we are pretty crazy about. 

my favorite


Behind the scenes
POrtrait editor Extraordinaire

You'll often hear me mention Anna. Who is this superwoman? She's a native of Sweden who works tremendously behind the scenes to place the finishing touches on each family's artwork! She's talented, humble, and puts others first. Everyone should have an Anna.

about you

Because you want to remember every detail of your baby's newness, but you really just want a nap too.

You have hopes of a great photo session and probably have Pinterest boards filled with ideas of how to turn your house into a home with your new family portraits. Making those two things happen probably feels more like a chore and too much to take on right now. What you'd really love is a little magic wand to make both happen, and it be (dare I say) a fun experience you didn't have to spend weeks planning and coordinating! 

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.




Follow along for behind the scenes moments, my most recent work, and finished artwork that's ready to come to life in homes across Kentuckiana.

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