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Choosing a Newborn Photographer | Louisville KY Photographer

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upclose image of sleeping baby's hands at Louisville Ky photography studio

Choosing a Newborn Photographer | Louisville KY Photographer

As you plan for a tiny human to join your family, your baby to-do list seems to grow about as quickly as your baby bump, and you realize it’s time to start thinking about choosing a photographer. You will definitely want to remember every little detail about your sweet baby’s newness, and you will want these images to be really, really good.

Your first photographs as a family are treasures and are the ultimate way to remember your family’s story!

I absolutely love helping busy parents (like you!) who are lovers of life and who want their biggest and best moments documented so they can hang onto them for forever. My favorite part is making this a stress-free experience mixed with a dash of style, a scoop of creativity, and a heavy helping of sweet newborn baby details and growing baby bumps.

After photographing babies and families for over a decade, here are my five best tips to finding a newborn photographer who creates a great experience without the added stress.

collage of maternity and newborn photos from Louisville KY newborn photography studio

#1. I’m Not Sure What “It” Is, But I Like It!

When you begin asking friends for recommendations and searching Google for a Louisville Ky newborn photographer, it’s really important to love what you see. Have you ever looked at something and thought, “OH! I like that.”? You might not be able to pintpoint exactly why, but something about it makes you happy, makes you smile, and makes you itch to have it. When you start googling, take a really close look at the photographer’s work. Specifically, look through their website’s blog and social media, since this is where they will post their most recent work.

Mamas that contact the studio tell me that they love how natural, bright, light, airy, timeless, and not over the top my newborn and maternity photographs feel. They were drawn to how families were posed, yet still felt natural and relaxed. They loved that the focus is family connection and those amazing new baby details, versus having the focus on sets, costumes, and a baby on this color fabric and then that color fabric.

They LOVED the connection. They LOVED the details. They LOVED the natural feeling. They LOVED the soft colors.

Each of us is drawn to different looks, styles, and color palette. We know what we like when we see it. If you don’t see what you want in a photographer’s portfolio and social media, keep looking sister. Life is too short, get exactly what you want!

And while I can technically photograph a wedding, it’s not what I do every day. So make sure your photographer primarily works with babies, since it’s an entirely differently skill set and set of safety skills. You don’t want someone practicing their photography skills on your family’s very first photographs together.

#2. Are You Pregnant? Now Is The Time To Book!

Once you see images that makes you grin from ear to ear and want to happy dance, reach out to the photographer asap. Seriously, don’t wait! Your friends are probably telling you to find your daycare now or you’ll be left out. We are very much like daycares and book well in advance.

There is a wonderful window of time where babies are more relaxed, comfortable, sleepy, and still have their “newness” that you will always want to remember. It’s around the 2nd to 3rd week of life. Can I photograph babies later than that? Yes, but around weeks 4-5 your baby becomes much more alert and many of the sweet images you had in mind might not be possible.

Most parents contact me around 15-20 weeks of pregnancy to reserve their maternity portraits, which I photograph between weeks 30-35. I also keep track on our studio’s calendar of your due date so that you never have to worry about (1) me being overbooked and missing out on the best dates for your newborn family photographs and (2) having to try and book with someone once you’re home taking care of your new baby and yourself. When you book early, all you have to do is send me a quick note that baby is here, before heading home from the hospital. Easy, peasy, and I take care of the rest.

collage of newborn pictures with parents from Julie Brock Photography Louisville KY

#3. When Your Mama To-Do List Is Growing Longer Than The Infamous Walgreen Store Receipt

My experience when working with photographers when my boys were born, made me promise to never, ever, evvvvvveeeeeerrrr have the same experience for my own clients. There are not enough words in the English language to describe the amount of time it takes to get everything planned, organized, found, purchased, and put together for a maternity or newborn photo shoot. It’s too stressful and time-consuming. You’ve got much more important things to take care of and worry about, like growing a baby, healing after delivery, and snuggling up with your newest little love.

When a mama contacts me, I have already found perfect outdoor locations if an outdoor maternity session is your dream session. If you want the ease and comfort and look of a studio maternity session, I have everything you need for a studio maternity session,. I have a fully stocked clothing line for moms to borrow and wear during their maternity or newborn portrait sessions. And I have everything your baby, you, and your spouse/partner will need at the studio during your newborn session. Literally everything. It couldn’t be any easier: We talk, you tell me your wishes and dreams, you book, you try on a few clothing items at the studio a few weeks prior to your session. I take care of everything else. How easy is that???!!!!!

#4. DIY “wow” or WOOOOOOW Factor

You might be a DIYer or you might want everything taken care of for you. Either option or a blend of the two is completely okay. Over the last decade most families initially reach out knowing they want digitals. I do too! They are so valuable to have as a backup of your family’s archives. They tell your family’s story from the very beginning. But most families realize that technology is constantly changing, and they simply don’t feel the same level of happiness having them stuck on a computer versus seeing their very first photographs as a family come to life.

We all have big plans and ideas and dreams for turning our houses into our homes. A place of comfort, a place of belonging, a place that makes us feel loved and seen and known. A place that is “us.”

Nearly all of the families I take care of decide they want the best of both worlds – those digitals as a backup and a combination of wall art or our albums. The pure joy on their faces when they see their album or artwork the very first time says it all! Worth it? Absolutely! Even better, is when they send me snapshots as their baby grows into a toddler who pauses to look up and point at their pictures through their home or seeing their little chunky toddler hands turning through the pages of their albums. It makes a their mom and dad hearts sing, makes their houses their home, and they absolutely love it!

babylookingathisphotographsfromJulieBrockPhotography :

#5. So…You’re New Around Here?

This last part might be the most important part. (I’ll move in close so that this feels like a whisper…..You need to actually like who you are hiring.) There, I said what I said. When you feel heard and feel taken care of that will create a level of trust during a portrait session which leads to genuine smiles and portraits that you will fall in love with. If things feel stiff and awkward when you reach out to a photographer, your final images will feel the same too. If you don’t feel taken care of and like something great is going to happen after talking with your potential photographer….move on. There are plenty more fish in the sea, as they say.

You’ll also want to first make sure that your photographer is experienced in working with babies. The last thing you want to find out is that your “photographer” bought a “fancy” camera a few months ago and is still actively practicing. I’m going to shout this one….. it will one million percent show when you get those images back. I get calls every week from desperate dads, who wanted their wives to choose someone cheaper. The lighting isn’t great, the posing feels off, and they’re just not happy with the quality and end result. It takes thousands of hours to become really good at what you do, and I don’t want to just give you “good” images. I truly want you to be so happy with your portraits that you proudly display them in your home, you feel like you’ve just won the lottery when you see them, and I tell everyone that if you don’t cry when you see them the first time….I haven’t fully done my job.

You’ve dreamed of gorgeous maternity and newborn portraits. Friend, you can have them. I’m here to make your dream a reality.

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Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! Now is the time to contact me.
I only book one newborn at the studio per day to do our part to keep families healthy,
and I would love to work with you to create something beautiful for your home!

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Julie Brock Photography is a leading Louisville, KY newborn photographer, maternity, baby, and family photographer. Her signature photography techniques and natural style are sought-after and celebrated by families throughout Louisville, KY, Crestwood, KY, Prospect, KY, Mt. Washington, KY, Lexington, KY, Floyd Knobs, IN, New Albany, IN, Southern Indiana, and surrounding areas. 

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