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Five Reasons Parents Should be in Their Baby’s Newborn Photographs

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Will you be tired with a new tiny human in your home? Yes.
Will your body have changed significantly in the last few months? Yes.
Are you and your spouse professional models? Nope.
Will you regret not being in images with your newborn baby? Yes, you absolutely will.

With those questions and answers in mind, here are my five reasons parents should be in their baby’s newborn photographs.

Louisville Ky mother smiles while her husband holds their new baby boy at Julie Brock Photography in Louisville KY

1. Let’s get the obvious out of the way – to preserve memories of course!

You will never, ever have a moment like those early days again with your baby. As parents, we want to press pause on time to be able to remember all of those fresh, amazing newborn baby details, so I often photograph newborns between their second and third weeks of life. Babies are still nice and sleepy and haven’t changed too much…yet. Just a short two to three weeks after newborn sessions is the fun part when parents get to see their images, and they always comment on how much their baby has started to change. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and there are no “re-dos” or magic time machines to get those first few days back.

Newborn baby boy smiles while sleeping at Julie Brock Photography studio in Louisville KY
Up close image of dad holding newborn baby's hand at Julie Brock Photography in Louisville Ky

2. Images with you will be your baby’s favorites one day, promise.

My favorite images (I’m a twin) of my brother and I include snapshots of our parents holding us during our first few days of life. We were a whopping 4 lbs and a few ounces each, and it fascinates me to not only see how little we once were, but also to see my parents as a young married couple, completely in love with each other and their new babies. It still fills all the sentimental nooks and crannies of my heart to peek at these images from time to time. If all they had was an album of images without them and just us as babies, I would have missed out on seeing the joy my parents had for us. They are treasures to me now, and I know they will become even more important to me years from now.

Baby boy smiles while parents give him kisses at Julie Brock Photography in Louisville KY.

3. There is no stress for you figuring out what to wear.

I have you covered, literally. My studio has a complete wardrobe for mothers in a variety of sizes. I’ve specifically purchased pieces just for you that help mothers look and feel not only refreshed, but feel confident in your family’s first photographs together.

Clothing rack filled with dresses for mothers to wear for photos at Julie Brock Photography in Louisville KY

4. It costs ZERO more for you to be included and have these moments preserved.

That’s right. I don’t charge anything extra for moms and dads to be include, because I know how important these will be in the future.

5. It’s practical and lets us celebrate both parents equally.

With over a decade of experience, I know and expect that each baby will need a moments of comfort from you during your portrait session. This is both a perfect and a practical opportunity for you to hop in a few images. I call it a giant win – your baby needs to snuggle in your arms for a few moments, and we get amazing pictures with both mom and dad!

So, hop in! I have never had a family regret being in photographs with their baby.

I often have families send me cell phone snapshots of their children looking up at their pictures throughout the walls of their home or flipping through their baby album. Want to guess which images they’re looking at? You’ve got it! The ones with their mom and dad holding them.

Want to guess which images will be pulled out for graduation parties? That’s right.

Want to guess which images will be shown at their wedding? Bingo!

And want to know which ones will be the most treasured 30, 40, 50 years from today? Yes, the ones you were in with them.

If you are due within the next few months or maybe you just brought your baby home from the hospital, I’m glad you’re here. Parents typically reserve newborn sessions in their second trimester, so that we can photograph all of your baby’s fresh, new details in their 2nd-3rd weeks of life. Looking for a maternity photo session? Those are best photographed between weeks 30-35.

My hope is that you love what you see, and after your session you’ll see how incredibly easy we’ve made this for families. With over a decade of experience, we’ve thought through all of the details and taken care of them, so you don’t have to. So can we include siblings in newborn pictures? Absolutely! And I’m happy to walk you through how we can best do this for your family.

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  1. Rya Duncklee says:

    Oh Julie, these are exquisite. Simple, timeless. I’m a minimalist personally, so I would just love treasures like these. Great job!

  2. Kathryne says:

    All such great points!

  3. mary says:

    yes! I agree with all of this~. They would totally regret not getting in the photos!

  4. Melissa says:

    All great reasons to be in photos – I wish I had photos of my with my parents as a newborn, or even with my own kids as newborns!

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