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The Must Have Baby Registry Items for A Goodnight Sleep 2021 Edition

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The Must Have Baby Registry Items for A Goodnight of Sleep 2021 Edition

Researching anything online can be….well… overwhelming and daunting. Especially, when reading reviews and looking at products designed to help your baby sleep. It’s like stepping into an ocean of opinions and options, and trying to figure out which is truth and which is just advertising. In other words, which items are just tiny little poolside arm floaties and which will be your sleep life raft.

What actually works best to help baby stay comfortable?

To help out, I asked my past mama clients to share their favorites in a variety of categories. And these moms know their stuff, they didn’t disappoint! So let’s jump right in with the winners.


If you’re a Louisville or Southern Indiana mom you need to know the professionals at Like A Dream Louisville. I affectionately call them the sleep wizards, because so many parents sing their praises. I’m not kidding when I tell you the heavens part and the angels sing with the success stories I’ve heard about their custom sleep plans for infants and toddlers. Ashley and Katelin have a combined 13+ years of NICU experience, and know their stuff.

SleepConsultantNewbornsandToddlersLouisvilleKY :

List Topping / Mom Recommended Sleep Sacks & Swaddles

Comfort and safety are the name of the game, and our moms couldn’t say enough good things about these three items. For tight, burrito style swaddling, the SwaddleMe was the winner in our poll. For Sleep Sacks these two were favorites – Love to Dream Swaddle for babies 0-4 months (not yet rolling over) and the Zipadee-Zip for babies over 4 months and rolling over.

PRO MOM TIP: No matter which you choose, make sure you have a few extra on hand for those nights that one is being washed.

SwaddleMebabyswaddle :

LovetoDreamSleepSack :

Zippadeesleepsack :

Favorite Baby Monitor

Technology has come a long way since my two were born. I would have loved an option like this. By far, The Nanit Pro baby monitor was the top recommendation from our moms for it’s clarity, breathing motion monitoring system, and two-way audio.

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor Image.png

Favorite Mom Recommended Sound Machine for Baby and Kids

Nothing will make a mom point her laser eyes of death at you quite like a sudden sound waking up her baby after she’s gotten to them sleep. So a sleep machine is a must. The Hatch Rest Sound Machine was the clear winner for it’s combination soft night light and in its app options for naps and nighttime.

HatchSoundMachineforBabies :

Most Recommended Disposable Diapers, Wipes, Creams

Babies are going to sleep so much better when their bums, clothing, and bedding stays dry. This category had several great recommendations! Pampers Swaddlers and Sensitive Wipes topped the recommended list from our mom poll, along with the convenience of auto shipping from online stores. (Don’t forget to register for diapers in newborn and the next size up.) For creams two stand out from the rest – Butt Paste and Aquaphor. When used in combination they create a create barrier for fresh baby skin.

PamperSwaddlersImage :

ButtPaste :

Pampers Sensitive Wipes.png

AquaphorforBabies :

Favorite Pacifier for Sleeping Babies

It was no surprise to me that the First Year Gumdrop pacifiers ranked high with moms, because they were a favorite at our house too. These little gems are soft, flexible, easy to clean. But their biggest selling point is the way that they curve to your baby’s face while they’re sleeping. This curve helps to prevent the pacifier from being pushed out of baby’s mouth by the mattress when your baby is sleeping on his or her side. Brilliant!

GumdropPacifierforBaby :

Top “I didn’t think I needed it, but really glad I had this” category for sleep – Prince Lionheart Wet Wipe Warmer

I know, know you’re probably thinking, “Seriously???!!?” Yes, many moms in our poll also agreed that warming up those wipes made a huge difference in the middle of the night. There will be many nights that your baby’s diaper will need to be changed (totally full to the brim), but your baby is still snoozing. At that moment, every parent’s goal is to keep their little love asleep during that diaper change to make the transition back to their crib an easier one. (AKA: Black Ops Mission Level Midnight – don’t make a sleeping baby fuss and become a baby that is now wide awake).

I can only testify that if I were asleep and someone placed a cold, wet towel on my lady bits at 2:00am…… well you see where I’m going with this.

PrinceLionheartWetWipeWarmer :

Big Ticket Item – But a Life Saver – The Snoo

When I asked my amazing client moms what one big ticket item they absolutely loved and had zero regrets using, the answer was clear – the Snoo. This feat of engineering amazingness wasn’t a thing when my boys were young, but I’m pretty sure I would have handed over a good chunk of my bank account for one of these bad boys. This bassinet’s magic is that it responds to your baby’s sleep sounds and will gently self-rock to help soothe your baby back to sleep.

Genius! Pure Genius.

Does it come with a whale of a price tag? Yes, and I didn’t have a single mom who recommended this item say they wished they had not bought or rented one.

Snoo Sleep System.png

While I know there are no one size fits all product to help our babies sleep, I hope you’ll find a few of these items game changers for your baby. We’ve photographed moms, dads, and babies for over a decade, and it’s always great to hear from mothers about their own experiences and find those little gems that help make everyday a little easier for all of us. Happy sleep!

Just find out that you’re expecting? Please don’t wait to reach out to our studio. We often book several weeks in advance and do our very best to work in last minute requests.

We allow one newborn session at the studio per day to provide the safest health experience as possible for families.

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